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As Sweet As Can Bee Honey 2014
Honey of Origin

All Slabber Apiculture honey is cold processed, from uncapping the comb to bottling, no heat is ever applied preserving the delicate flavours. Additionally, the honey is coarsely strained, never filtered and not irradiated.

Honey of Origin refers to the fact that each bottle carries a ‘date of harvest’ and location information tag. This means that the origin of the honey is completely traceable.  I do not mix honey from different apiaries or use honey not from Slabber Apiculture apiaries.

The source hives are not used for pollination services and thus never exposed to agro-pesticides which may persist in honeycomb for a long time.

Pure honey crystallises with time and the rate may vary according to temperature and pollen count within the honey. Leaving the bottle of crystallized honey in a sunny spot or submerged in warm water should liquefy the honey again.


Apiary Forage Location Contents Package Price
Eagle’s Rising Fynbos/Bluegum Sir Lowry’s Pass Honey 420g glass jar R48.00
Belle Vlei Lemon Blossom/Wildflower Stellenbosch Honey 420g glass jar R48.00
Firlands Bottlebrush/Bluegum Gordonsbay Honey 420g glass jar R48.00
Klein Paradys Pure Bluegum Klapmuts Honey 420g glass jar R48.00
Buchu & Beeswax Lip Balm 20g tin R25.00
Wood Food 300g tin R150.00

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